Coachella 2016.

We reach our little dive motel, Motel 6 East into the evening and food is on our mind.

Seeking a proper meal we find a local steakhouse and grill called Palm CanyonΒ  Roadhouse where we take up the daily special of an 8oz steak and veggies.

Honestly you have no idea how good the fresh meat and veggies tastes after all the crap!

Day 22
A day of prep organising our outfits and rest before Coachella begins!

Being 3 days, I am running with 3 different themes. Day 1 being boho, day 2 grunge and day 3 will be a mixture of both.

I have been blessed to be gifted with a couple of items from the Dress Collective which will be incorporated in days 2 and 3 of the festival.
To give you a bit of background, Coachella is one of the world’s biggest music festivals running now for 17 years. This bring not only the every day person from all around the world but also makes a great meeting spot for celebrities all over the world. So you can understand my excitement!

To finish off the day we relax by the motel pool with a cider or two, pick up our coachella wristbands and head back to the Palms Canyon Roadhouse for the special of half a rack of baby back ribs – best we’ve had!

Day 23 – COACHELLA Day 1
Up early to have some Brekkie then time to get ready into the first prepared outfit.

Today I was wearing my new lace up top from Forever 21, a skirt from a personal design made in Vietnam and my gifted earrings from The Dress Collective by Mars De Favela.

The makeup look today was inspired to be boho with bronzed eyes and feather Inglot lashes.

The girls we met in Vegas were staying at the Hilton which makes it our first stop for pre-game. This is also the place we get the shuttle for the 30 minute drive to the grounds (a little tedious)

Day one was massive with the highlights being A$AP Rocky who brought out Kayne as a special guest as well as Jack U who did the same thing. Aside from getting elbowed in the eye from the craziness of excitement it was an amazing day.

In comparison to festivals back home this is by far the most unorganized I have to say. The crowds are out of control pretty much feeling like sardines most of the day. They also closed the drinking area at one point due to capacity.

After a fantastic day we then took our spot in line for the return shuttle home….this took 2 hours which left us all in a pretty uncomfortable sardine state yet again.

At least we knew what to expect and how to handle things for the following days!

Day 24 – Day 2 Coachella
Knowing what to expect we decide to head in a little bit later today.

Today’s outfit was my new Leopard print bralette by Kendall and Kylie Jenner paired with my suede skirt, little tulle socks and boots.

For the eyes I went with a purple smokey to match my purple inglot lashes. With green eyes this colour does help to enhance πŸ™‚

The most major highlight from today would have been Ice Cube and the performance from the reunited NWA. The crowd went nuts and not feeling like sardines meant that everyone could enjoy it! Other highlights included Disclosure and an extremely extended set from Guns n roses lasting 2 hours with various fireworks going off throughout.

Day 25 – Final day of Coachella
Being the final day you can certainly tell that we are on the tired side of things that’s for sure!

Twas all about the grunge today wearing my crochet black top from Topshop, my all time favourite palm print pants from I.D.S, hat from H&M and my boots from Zu shoes πŸ™‚

Today was a little more of a relaxed day but the hottest of the 3 days so had to keep well hydrated!

Make up was with a softer burnt orange lip and smokey eyes as my blind was the main focus, wearing my vintage piece I purchased from Miami!

Today’s highlights (ranking in order) were Sia, Major Lazer, Calvin Harris and Flume. Unfortunately, seeing Flume twice previously, this was the worst performance I had seen and he is one of my favourites 😦

Rhianna was a surprise guest in Calvin Harris which may have had us smiling ear to ear πŸ™‚

We called it a night before the crowds got too rough and went straight to bed.

Day 26
Now this was a day full of food and recovery! There is not much more of a simple or honest way to put it.

Rejuvenate and rehydrate!

Day 27 marks the last day of the trip with a 10pm flight direct back to Melbourne!

We swapped hire cars and off we go back to spend a day in LA. First stop of course is breakfast as this adorable cafe in Santa Monica called Blue Daisy.

After having a walk along Santa Monica Pier, we hired a bike and rode up to Venice Beach and back.

From here we went straight to Melrose AVE to finish the afternoon off. This may have ended in a small tattoo which I have been wanting for ages but to also signify this adventure, a vintage world globe showing America and South America.

What a trip! I’m always sad to go back home and I love gallivanting all over the place but is it time to get back to reality and I suppose start planning the next one. I really do believe that travelling, especially at my age, is good for the mind, body and soul but also for growth as a person and to put goals into perspective.

Fashion and Makeup summary:


Here for your inspiration 😘



On the road we go with 4 hours of cruising through the desert πŸ™‚

What a beautiful drive it was though. Not flat like the desert at home but filled with rustic rocky mountains everywhere like we are in a constant valley.

For our half way stop we pulled up at Peggy Sue’s Diner. A Diner which has lived there for many years serving traditional dinner food, pie and malt shakes!

Not arriving until late we checked into our MGM Grand hotel and prepared for a Burlesque show we booked at the Flamingo hotel.

A great show it was. Burlesque is always entertaining and always filled with talented people. Mid-way they also included a very funny comedian called James Bean. Definitely worth a watch!

Day 20
Before we took our beautiful Ford Mustang back, we took it for a drive into downtown vegas where we has breakfast at the Red Rock Casino.

Upon returning our convertible we were lucky enough to be told by the man that he is going to give us a 50% discount “because we’re pretty,” WHY NOT!?

Being fresh faced with minimal makeup on we were feeling pretty chuffed to start the day πŸ™‚

In the afternoon we went forΒ  bit of a walk to discover the strip and maybe a little bit more shopping! We were lucky to meet a promoter in the street who could give us free entry to the DJ we wanted to see, Chuckie. Double bonus!

A bit of laying by the pool before getting ready for our pre-game (what they call it in America, we call it pre-drinks).

We ticked the box of heading to Hooters for dinner which may I say was the worst meal we had all trip!!! Drenched in sauce and really not that great at all – sickening!
Next stop was a drink at Coyote Ugly at the New YORK New York hotel. Each hotel is a representation of a place in America which is pretty cool. I can see how people certainly get lost in Vegas!

Following this we met our promoter at Ceasers Palace to head to Omnia Nightclub and see the DJ. We didn’t have to pay to get in, didn’t have to pay for drinks and didn’t have to wait in the huge line pull of impatience! The free drinks were only a certain kind so again when we wanted something different…it was a $30USD champagne! Vodka was also $20USD!
After a few house we set ourselves aside from the promoter group and met some people…of course Australians and believe it not they were from Perth! Great bunch of gals and guys who really made the night. We partied into the early hours of the morning with them getting a limo back to the Palms and placing a few little bets (with no wins unfortinately)!
Most perfect and I would say traditional way to end our time in VEGAS!

Day 21
A quick morning stop at In-N-Out burgers for a later Brekkie then in our next car and off to Palm Springs to prepare for Coachella.


Ah Hollywood

Day 16
All packed up and ready to go. Before we head to LA it’s time to take the braids out…

And did it take me into the 80’s!!!! πŸ™‚

Up early for a 6am flight we get a connecting flight first to Phoenix then to LA.

We stayed just off Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood and unfortunately a short stay of a mere 3 nights.

So with that in mind, we tried to fit in as much as possible staring with the Hollywood Walk of Stars. I really did picture the area of Hollywood to me a lot more fancy however, due to this being a hot spot for wannabe stars, it’s also unfortunately the place for lost dreams filled with the homeless, abused, drug addicts and the ill.
After our walk we discovered a bar called Butchers & Barbers. We thought we would have a quick bite and just stay for a couple of drinks but this turned into one of the best places so far. People watching was great with dance moves on fire and also being able to meet Meyne Wyatt, a movie star but mostly commonly known from Neighbours who was just back in LA for some more work.

Day 17
Off to Universal Studios we go!

Unfortunately, we seemed to have dragged the Melbourne weather here. So it’s a little drizzly and miserable but great to roam around and of course see the new hogwarts installation. Very very real!

Before we head into our Saturday night we indulge in a bit of the American Netflix (so much better) to relax.

Tonight we are off to a dive bar called the Frolic Room followed by the renowned world’s 4th best night called Playhouse which features on the TV show, The Hills.

In the hunt to find some fresh proper food beforehand, we find a salad bar. Personally, I’m not a fan of salads as I find them rather boring, however this salad was definitely the best!
Getting into the nightclub again we have champagne’s ranging at 16USD with other drinks not falling that far behind. One major positive about all of these clubs are the amenities in the toilets. Of course after a tip you can use anything you want from hair products,Β  to chewing,Β  bandaids and for a slight larger tip even a pair of take away ballet flats for those feet that can’t cope!
Day 18
After a bigger night I decide to take the morning to relax.

With our apartment having a bath, that was the first thing I dreamt of doing!
The afternoon was filled with a big shopping spree which then forced me to make the decision that I need a bigger suitcase! Plenty of products for Something to Wear so book your appointment quick!

Also of course some one off pieces for my photo shoots with Something To Wear and of course some new additions for my Coachella outfits.

The last meal to finish off was to try the famous chicken and waffles…yes you heard me right. At the renowned Roscoes. Can I say that it was a very interesting combination but one I would definitely try again!

Day 19
Up nice and early to view the beautiful sunrise over the city of LA and the Hollywood Hills.
Also for our beautiful ford Mustang convertible hire to drive through the desert to VEGAS BABY!


This is Miami

It’s Wednesday 30th March and we are off to our second destination, Miami.

It was very hard to be leaving New York but we were excited for some sun and the beach!

As soon as we touch down on Day 7 of our adventure, we check into our hostel called Freehand Miami and head to a place called Marines for a bite to eat and our first cocktail πŸ™‚ This place was great! Amazing food, very reasonable prices and not to mention the $5 all day Mimosas!

Time to walk off the food and take a stroll down Lincoln Road Mall which is a shopping strip about 3km long.

After visiting a couple of bars along Lincoln Road, we headed for Ocean Drive at south point to chase the Happy Hours. We were looking for a place with atmosphere and not too much of a family vibe…then we discovered one! Two cocktails for $25, however, these were NOT your standard cocktail! These were about 750ml each which were paired with $3.99 appetizers. Sold!

Day 8
Being our first full day in Miami we wanted to get to the beach and relax. We also wanted to find a more secluded beach away from tourists…however, after a 2 hours journey of getting to the destination we then found ourselves lost for an hour. Eventually, we find the beach and it’s blowing a gale!

High in spirits we went for a walk along the beach then headed back for the long journey home.

Getting ready in hostel life is hard when you have so many weather conditions to prepare for but again we got everything out, prepared for the night then packed it up again securing everything with a lock!

Tonight’s destination is Wynwood. Most iconic for the artistic graffiti throughout the suburb. A lot of the bars over there have specials where ladies drink for free for multiple hours – we were lucky to get in on this at a place called Gramps.
Wynwood is also the place where we have eaten the best burgers so far at a new place next door to Woods Tavern.

Day 9
Back to Wynwood today but to discover the arrival and explore the journey on a bike! From South beach it took us about 40 minutes and in 30 degrees heat this was definitely a work out!

Along the way we discovered an adorable vintage store and found a couple of great finds! I bought this vintage gold coin necklace and an adorable red purse with a story. This purse belong to the last holocaust survivor to arrive to Florida.Β  With the initials of C.S embedded into the purse, Schultz had no children but a lot of money which left the purse in this particular store. Below you will see a photo of her which sits in the store.

Vintage pieces are my favourite to buy travelling as you are usually left wondering what the story is behind the item, however, this time I have the story which makes it even more precious!

Being an extremely hot day, an iced coffee was in order after we returned the bikes then some discovery time of the Wynwood walls.

Next stop was to check out South Point, the main beach. We decided to get an Uber. Not the standard Uber but an Uber pull – the best and cheapest way to get around Miami really!!! Something Australia should really think about implementing!
After a 15 minutes rest of the beach we were off to get ready for the night to see Scrillex. He was playing at a night club called Story and tickets were only $45 each, great! First drinks in there, we pay with a $50 and get a mere $10Β  change!!! Most definitely the most expensive place we have come across so far!

I wore a simple lace top and leather skirt which my hoops to suit the place and just danced the entire night and a portion of the morning away.

Day 10
Maybe not the wisest move going out before catching a flight but we were in reasonably good spirits πŸ™‚

A quick hangover cure from our favourite, Maxines then straight to the airport.

En-route toΒ  CANCUN, MEXICO.

Cancun, Mexico

Ola! (Getting straight into my spanish) πŸ™‚

Touching down into Cancun in the early evening hours on Saturday the 2nd April for our 10th Day, we dropped out bags at our gorgeous resort, Krystal Spa and Resort and went to indulge in some Mexican food (which we had been thinking about for days!)

This would have to be one of my favourite foods, so I couldn’t wait to eat nothing but that for the next 7 days!

As we set off into the town (5 minute walk) to find some dinner I felt many things that resembles Bali. It definitely had that feel to it and by night time we felt exactly like we were at Kuta…and not necessarily in a good way. The children and side stalls were very pushy to purchase their products, the clubs were extremely loud and tourists everywhere.

We found a cute little spot to stay and have dinner which was just off the main drag. There is go to order my mojito as I do then an entire stein (1L) comes out!!! Well, welcome to Mexico!

Night One…very loud with no shelter from all of the night clubs below. The tower of the hotel we were staying in was just was too close to the main street with no double glazed windows or protection to mask the noise.

Day 11
After a little bit of a sleepless night we were still feel pretty great…how could you not with your room overlooking the sea!
We have been looking forward to this leg of our trip as it will almost be a solid 7 days of relaxing in between a couple of big nights! So relaxing on the beach with cocktails is what we did all day long πŸ™‚

They have so many cheesy full on clubs we thought we should at least experience one of them so Coco Bongo it was.

Now unfortunately due to warnings…we didn’t take our phones or cameras which means no pictures! The entire show itself last for about 3 hours in between classic tunes from the late 90’s/early 2000’s. The show is tribute classics like Michael Jackson and Madonna to iconic movies just as Batman then to talented acrobats. Really it was quiet a performance but after this it’s a cheesy night club with woo-hoo people, balloon noodles and a kiss cam. Very entertaining. I always embrace moments like this and it’s always fun to just get amongst it regardless whether you love it, hate it, are embarrassed by it or think it’s lame!Β  It was $70USD for a ticket with an open bar the entire night. In the struggle of trying to get a drink, I was lucky enough to be spotted by a server where we got access to stand in the VIP area. This just meant we had a great view of everything.

This also meant we got to sleep that night as the clubs shut at 5am which is when we got through the door.

Day 12
After a solid 5 hours sleep we got ourselves together and headed downtown to visit Marketa 28. Time to get a few souvenirs!

Once I picked up a few little treasures we headed for lunch to a renowned Mexican restaurant, La Parilla. Yum, yum, YUM! That’s all I can say πŸ™‚
Full of delicious Mexican, we slowly made our way back to the hotel for some more relaxing before heading out for a Mexican Seafood dinner at a place nearby called Mariners.

Food. Food. Food. But absolutely delicious food. Almost every meal would fail to disappoint!

Day 13
After an early night we set off of the ferry to a close island called Isla Mujeres.

A gorgeous little island where the best way to get around is by golf cart! Oh boy did we have fun!!! Some impeccable beaches with amazing views.
Beer in hand driving around for an hour we then found Punta Norte, rented two sun lounges and didn’t move for a good couple of hours. Of course my next choice was a Pina Colada with the tropical view staring me right in the face!
Returning home I become aware that my skin is a little sun-kissed…maybe a little too much but a quick R&R then we are back out there again.

Night market time in downtime at Parque Las Palapas. For only 17 Mexican Pesos we just ate not only the best meal of the trip but the best Mexican quesadilla we have EVER eaten! This was a recommended place from a local right on the corner in front of the church called Las Quesadillas. Ah-mazing!

On our way back from downtown we called in to get our braids done. Nothing tacky…I had one large braid in the front and 2 running down the back. Something we wanted to do from the get go and something that I knew would only last a day or two with my frizz and this humidity. But how could we not get it done?!

Day 14
After another early night for a big day, we board a 912am ADO bus from the bus station down town to explore two nearby towns, Tulum and Playa Del Carmen.

This was a 2.5 hour journey which again only cost 95 Mexican Pesos per person which is about $9.

Once you get to these small towns, you can get around in a shared shuttle taxi called a collectivo which only costs 20 pesos each!

The list for Tulum included the Mayan Ruins which you can see beautiful views of the coastline from the historic ruins. Also a few sightings of iguanas too which was a little scary. Every time we heard them we just thought it was a snake a jumped!

Next stop was Grand Cenote. This is like a huge crystal clear fresh water swimming pool in caves. Bliss. Even thought seeing some fish and turtles was a little exciting, I must admit it was a little nerve-racking swimming underneath sleeping and flying bats!!!


After a quick stop at 7-11 for some snacks we get another collectivo and travel to Playa Del Carmen.

What a pretty little town. Absolutely loved it. Just that bit quieter than Cancun, it was minus the heavy Bali feeling and instantly relaxing!

Of course the first stop is a bar we stumbled across where you sit at the bar on swings! I had to stop! Here at Pas Velas we also had lunch. Being on a coastal town I of course had to try the Caribbean Seafood Soup, very delicious and very light for the heat we were experiencing.
After wondering around this adorable place we parked ourself at a beach club where we could sit back on the lounge and again relax just gazing at this picture perfect view. By 9pm it was time to get back to Cancun.
TIP: After reading a few things it seemed like a collectivo was the way to go but after having our own experiences, it’s not something I would recommend! Taking the ADO bus service is definitely a safer way to get back on such a long journey πŸ™‚

Day 15
Being our last full day to spend in Mexico, I was really starting to feel great about my Spanish. So many words coming back to me and it definitely helped us through our days here. Again something I highly recommend, even if it’s a few basic words.

Being fluent will help you even more, generally receive better service (somehow!)

But today was all about inclusive and exclusive. With our hotel we forked out $75 USD to eat and drink as much as we wanted all day long throughout the whole resort.

As you can imagine we were a little weary but very very full by the end of the day. But what a high note to end on and a glorious day for it too πŸ™‚

Off for our last meal of Mexican and I decide to wear these stunning feather earrings by Mars De Favela which were gifted to me. You can find them from The Dress Collective along with many more incredible Australian Labels!

Dos feliz chicas, two happy girls! Two very full girls!!

This sun, the beach, the weather – just heaven. Certainly going to miss this as I know it will be very chilly by the time I get back to Melbourne.

Just over half way through now with 10 days to go! Adios Mexico. Time for LA!

New York, New York.

What a city – 6 days, 7 nights is just not enough. On that note I will mention that this post is quiet lengthy but full of inspiring stories and recommendations of my journey.

The home of brooklyn is where we stayed a gorgrous brownstone apartment filled with natural light and decorated impeccably.
Night One was of a typical American standard. After getting in late, we ventures to get some local Chinese. Much to our surprise we see an abundance of fresh produce and organic grocers (perfect for me!).

Day 1
Of course the most typical thing for us to do was to walk the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. It was stunning. Being an early start, the next was our coffee fix to Starbucks of course!


Being day one and a lot to see, we made the tourist move and bought tickets on the hop on hop off bus. Which really is the best way to get around but also quiet a long way! In the process of ticking boxes we visited Times Square and ate American burgers for lunch.


The second I landed in New York…I really expected the fashion to be glamorous and incredible but instead I found it quiet the opposite! The men have more style then the majority of women much to my dismay. With some women wearing just active wear even coming into the evening when it was 5 degrees! I found the outer suburbs to be a lot less windy than Manhatten itself.

Being a late dinner we dined in a small bar called Spuyten Duyvil in Williamsburg where we had wine and cheese and oh my was this cheese amazing. Probably one of the best I’ve ever had!

Day 2
Off to the ghetto, the Bronx! To be honest as we were in our way out there we were a little nervous and having not done much research on where to go we did get lost – but hey – all apart of the adventure I say!

Eventually we found a small Diner to eat at and really we had nothing to be worried about at all. Everyone was so nice, helpful and even complimentary. What a better place to then get our nails done. It’s seemed typical but a perfect fit for us!


Tonight was time to head to a house party in the Lower East Side. Again, what a gorgeous place with views of Manhatten! What a great start to the night. The american-lived Australians then took us to a local nightclub. On our entrance we see a bunch of sailors…their last night before heading out for a year, all dressed in their uniform and I must say oh wow. I was lucky enough to get a life home in a limo with a bottle of champagne. Great start to the trip in NYC.

Day 3
After a busy couple of days we decided to head to Sephora to stock up in make up (I was in heaven, obviously) then escaped back to our retreat for some down time.

In the night we ventured back to Williamsburg to do some more exploring. In relation to Melbourne, this is almost like the area of Brunswick. Cute little dark bars playing rock and jazz music…very cute!

Once we got back to Brooklyn (very late at night) we decided it was time to try the fried chicken place with let’s say one of the biggest menus I have seen! And oh my gosh was it delicious, not to mention ridiculously cheap!


Day 4

Today we got up early to head out to Queens and explore the area. Eventually we found this little cute little area called Sunnyside which was gorgeous.


After lunch we had a peak in a few of the vintage and thrift shops before heading back home.

Tonight was the night we got to experience an American Ice Hockey game at Madison Square Gardens and was it entertainment! So much happens in their sporting games compared to home! T-shirt giveaways, music, dancing and of course the crazy fans. They play the music to suit the game and are completely biased for their home team! In the end the New York Rangers lost to Pittsburgh.


Next stop, The Standard High Line Bar which showed beautiful skyline views of New York. It also had very expensive drinks with 2 champagnes costing over $30 AUD! But with a view like that it’s very understandable!

Day 5

Today I needed some replenishing and had a very inspiring day. I wanted to visit the Biggie Smalls memorial which as near by in Clinton Hill.


This area reminded me of Collingwood back in Melbourne with all the hipsters, cute cafes and tattoos.

I stopped for a Tea and a Toad Β (egg cooked in a brioche bun) then set off into Central Park in Manhattan.

Central park looked stunning in the frosty weather but shortly after I took myself for lunch at that Loeb Boathouse.

This is straight off Sex and the City πŸ™‚ and yes I may have been a little excited! I ordered the Seafood pasta and a Mimosa. Just delicious!


Once the evening hit I was off to the most iconic and romantic spot in New York, The Empire State Building.


And I’ll leave this with the saying that “A picture says a thousand words”

Day 6

Today is my last day to explore this beautiful place and what a big day I have planned!


First stop is Coney Island followed by a brief trip to Staten Island Β (another box ticked from Sex and the City)

Coney island was amazing. I can see how much fun it would be in summer with less wind and Luna Park open.


I walked the pier and the beach then grabbed one of the famous Nathan’s hotdogs with a Coke and sat on the boardwalk to take everything in πŸ™‚

In between the 2 trips I went to explore Soho and Little Italy. Again such a cute little spot full of vintage stores and little restaurants.

Next stop was to do some more makeup research and look at the Sigma brushes. I made another purchase and very much looking forward to using them on my clients! On that note, I will be doing a review on the products and brushes so stay tuned πŸ™‚

By this time is really was getting late so I had to quickly jump on the ferry to Staten Island and I am very glad I did. Even though I couldnt stay on the island long, the views of Brooklyn and Manhattan was gorgeous!


Tonight we went out for dinner at a place called The Smoked Joint. A New York Bbq place I had discovered in Clinton Hill. Definitely over ordered but me personally, I always love a variety to try!

Day 7

This makes the day that we leave this beautiful city. I am sad to leave and honestly wish I had another 2 weeks here but it’s just another excuse to come back, right πŸ˜‰


Next stop – MIAMI!

VAMFF: The Dress Collective Runway

How amazing it is to not only see by style an all Australian designer runway by The Dress Collective!


This was beautifully put together by Claire at 524 Flinders filled with polished concrete, white seating and a timber bar serving drinks – it was picture perfect!


After a day full of fittings, the show begins!

There was a great variety of pieces to showcase, something for everyone’s taste.

I am a great advocate to dress how you feel and show your personality through your clothing every day! For me my favourites were, Black Mob The Label, Moreno Marcos, Oroceo Castro and Leigh Duffy πŸ™‚


Oroceo Castro

As for the guys, they were looking were suave in That Dapper Chap. On point!


One of my favourite looks was by Moreno Marcos, just incredible!


Always great to get in an action shot – deep in thought too πŸ™‚


As the show goes on, there’s nothing like a few laugh and a few selfie snaps πŸ˜‰


Leticia Green

And that makes it a wrap.

What quality design and most importantly Australian designers – get behind them and support them now by heading to


My outfit from Dotti!