Coachella 2016.

We reach our little dive motel, Motel 6 East into the evening and food is on our mind.

Seeking a proper meal we find a local steakhouse and grill called Palm Canyon  Roadhouse where we take up the daily special of an 8oz steak and veggies.

Honestly you have no idea how good the fresh meat and veggies tastes after all the crap!

Day 22
A day of prep organising our outfits and rest before Coachella begins!

Being 3 days, I am running with 3 different themes. Day 1 being boho, day 2 grunge and day 3 will be a mixture of both.

I have been blessed to be gifted with a couple of items from the Dress Collective which will be incorporated in days 2 and 3 of the festival.
To give you a bit of background, Coachella is one of the world’s biggest music festivals running now for 17 years. This bring not only the every day person from all around the world but also makes a great meeting spot for celebrities all over the world. So you can understand my excitement!

To finish off the day we relax by the motel pool with a cider or two, pick up our coachella wristbands and head back to the Palms Canyon Roadhouse for the special of half a rack of baby back ribs – best we’ve had!

Day 23 – COACHELLA Day 1
Up early to have some Brekkie then time to get ready into the first prepared outfit.

Today I was wearing my new lace up top from Forever 21, a skirt from a personal design made in Vietnam and my gifted earrings from The Dress Collective by Mars De Favela.

The makeup look today was inspired to be boho with bronzed eyes and feather Inglot lashes.

The girls we met in Vegas were staying at the Hilton which makes it our first stop for pre-game. This is also the place we get the shuttle for the 30 minute drive to the grounds (a little tedious)

Day one was massive with the highlights being A$AP Rocky who brought out Kayne as a special guest as well as Jack U who did the same thing. Aside from getting elbowed in the eye from the craziness of excitement it was an amazing day.

In comparison to festivals back home this is by far the most unorganized I have to say. The crowds are out of control pretty much feeling like sardines most of the day. They also closed the drinking area at one point due to capacity.

After a fantastic day we then took our spot in line for the return shuttle home….this took 2 hours which left us all in a pretty uncomfortable sardine state yet again.

At least we knew what to expect and how to handle things for the following days!

Day 24 – Day 2 Coachella
Knowing what to expect we decide to head in a little bit later today.

Today’s outfit was my new Leopard print bralette by Kendall and Kylie Jenner paired with my suede skirt, little tulle socks and boots.

For the eyes I went with a purple smokey to match my purple inglot lashes. With green eyes this colour does help to enhance 🙂

The most major highlight from today would have been Ice Cube and the performance from the reunited NWA. The crowd went nuts and not feeling like sardines meant that everyone could enjoy it! Other highlights included Disclosure and an extremely extended set from Guns n roses lasting 2 hours with various fireworks going off throughout.

Day 25 – Final day of Coachella
Being the final day you can certainly tell that we are on the tired side of things that’s for sure!

Twas all about the grunge today wearing my crochet black top from Topshop, my all time favourite palm print pants from I.D.S, hat from H&M and my boots from Zu shoes 🙂

Today was a little more of a relaxed day but the hottest of the 3 days so had to keep well hydrated!

Make up was with a softer burnt orange lip and smokey eyes as my blind was the main focus, wearing my vintage piece I purchased from Miami!

Today’s highlights (ranking in order) were Sia, Major Lazer, Calvin Harris and Flume. Unfortunately, seeing Flume twice previously, this was the worst performance I had seen and he is one of my favourites 😦

Rhianna was a surprise guest in Calvin Harris which may have had us smiling ear to ear 🙂

We called it a night before the crowds got too rough and went straight to bed.

Day 26
Now this was a day full of food and recovery! There is not much more of a simple or honest way to put it.

Rejuvenate and rehydrate!

Day 27 marks the last day of the trip with a 10pm flight direct back to Melbourne!

We swapped hire cars and off we go back to spend a day in LA. First stop of course is breakfast as this adorable cafe in Santa Monica called Blue Daisy.

After having a walk along Santa Monica Pier, we hired a bike and rode up to Venice Beach and back.

From here we went straight to Melrose AVE to finish the afternoon off. This may have ended in a small tattoo which I have been wanting for ages but to also signify this adventure, a vintage world globe showing America and South America.

What a trip! I’m always sad to go back home and I love gallivanting all over the place but is it time to get back to reality and I suppose start planning the next one. I really do believe that travelling, especially at my age, is good for the mind, body and soul but also for growth as a person and to put goals into perspective.

Fashion and Makeup summary:


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