On the road we go with 4 hours of cruising through the desert 🙂

What a beautiful drive it was though. Not flat like the desert at home but filled with rustic rocky mountains everywhere like we are in a constant valley.

For our half way stop we pulled up at Peggy Sue’s Diner. A Diner which has lived there for many years serving traditional dinner food, pie and malt shakes!

Not arriving until late we checked into our MGM Grand hotel and prepared for a Burlesque show we booked at the Flamingo hotel.

A great show it was. Burlesque is always entertaining and always filled with talented people. Mid-way they also included a very funny comedian called James Bean. Definitely worth a watch!

Day 20
Before we took our beautiful Ford Mustang back, we took it for a drive into downtown vegas where we has breakfast at the Red Rock Casino.

Upon returning our convertible we were lucky enough to be told by the man that he is going to give us a 50% discount “because we’re pretty,” WHY NOT!?

Being fresh faced with minimal makeup on we were feeling pretty chuffed to start the day 🙂

In the afternoon we went for  bit of a walk to discover the strip and maybe a little bit more shopping! We were lucky to meet a promoter in the street who could give us free entry to the DJ we wanted to see, Chuckie. Double bonus!

A bit of laying by the pool before getting ready for our pre-game (what they call it in America, we call it pre-drinks).

We ticked the box of heading to Hooters for dinner which may I say was the worst meal we had all trip!!! Drenched in sauce and really not that great at all – sickening!
Next stop was a drink at Coyote Ugly at the New YORK New York hotel. Each hotel is a representation of a place in America which is pretty cool. I can see how people certainly get lost in Vegas!

Following this we met our promoter at Ceasers Palace to head to Omnia Nightclub and see the DJ. We didn’t have to pay to get in, didn’t have to pay for drinks and didn’t have to wait in the huge line pull of impatience! The free drinks were only a certain kind so again when we wanted something different…it was a $30USD champagne! Vodka was also $20USD!
After a few house we set ourselves aside from the promoter group and met some people…of course Australians and believe it not they were from Perth! Great bunch of gals and guys who really made the night. We partied into the early hours of the morning with them getting a limo back to the Palms and placing a few little bets (with no wins unfortinately)!
Most perfect and I would say traditional way to end our time in VEGAS!

Day 21
A quick morning stop at In-N-Out burgers for a later Brekkie then in our next car and off to Palm Springs to prepare for Coachella.