Ah Hollywood

Day 16
All packed up and ready to go. Before we head to LA it’s time to take the braids out…

And did it take me into the 80’s!!!! 🙂

Up early for a 6am flight we get a connecting flight first to Phoenix then to LA.

We stayed just off Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood and unfortunately a short stay of a mere 3 nights.

So with that in mind, we tried to fit in as much as possible staring with the Hollywood Walk of Stars. I really did picture the area of Hollywood to me a lot more fancy however, due to this being a hot spot for wannabe stars, it’s also unfortunately the place for lost dreams filled with the homeless, abused, drug addicts and the ill.
After our walk we discovered a bar called Butchers & Barbers. We thought we would have a quick bite and just stay for a couple of drinks but this turned into one of the best places so far. People watching was great with dance moves on fire and also being able to meet Meyne Wyatt, a movie star but mostly commonly known from Neighbours who was just back in LA for some more work.

Day 17
Off to Universal Studios we go!

Unfortunately, we seemed to have dragged the Melbourne weather here. So it’s a little drizzly and miserable but great to roam around and of course see the new hogwarts installation. Very very real!

Before we head into our Saturday night we indulge in a bit of the American Netflix (so much better) to relax.

Tonight we are off to a dive bar called the Frolic Room followed by the renowned world’s 4th best night called Playhouse which features on the TV show, The Hills.

In the hunt to find some fresh proper food beforehand, we find a salad bar. Personally, I’m not a fan of salads as I find them rather boring, however this salad was definitely the best!
Getting into the nightclub again we have champagne’s ranging at 16USD with other drinks not falling that far behind. One major positive about all of these clubs are the amenities in the toilets. Of course after a tip you can use anything you want from hair products,  to chewing,  bandaids and for a slight larger tip even a pair of take away ballet flats for those feet that can’t cope!
Day 18
After a bigger night I decide to take the morning to relax.

With our apartment having a bath, that was the first thing I dreamt of doing!
The afternoon was filled with a big shopping spree which then forced me to make the decision that I need a bigger suitcase! Plenty of products for Something to Wear so book your appointment quick!

Also of course some one off pieces for my photo shoots with Something To Wear and of course some new additions for my Coachella outfits.

The last meal to finish off was to try the famous chicken and waffles…yes you heard me right. At the renowned Roscoes. Can I say that it was a very interesting combination but one I would definitely try again!

Day 19
Up nice and early to view the beautiful sunrise over the city of LA and the Hollywood Hills.
Also for our beautiful ford Mustang convertible hire to drive through the desert to VEGAS BABY!