This is Miami

It’s Wednesday 30th March and we are off to our second destination, Miami.

It was very hard to be leaving New York but we were excited for some sun and the beach!

As soon as we touch down on Day 7 of our adventure, we check into our hostel called Freehand Miami and head to a place called Marines for a bite to eat and our first cocktail 🙂 This place was great! Amazing food, very reasonable prices and not to mention the $5 all day Mimosas!

Time to walk off the food and take a stroll down Lincoln Road Mall which is a shopping strip about 3km long.

After visiting a couple of bars along Lincoln Road, we headed for Ocean Drive at south point to chase the Happy Hours. We were looking for a place with atmosphere and not too much of a family vibe…then we discovered one! Two cocktails for $25, however, these were NOT your standard cocktail! These were about 750ml each which were paired with $3.99 appetizers. Sold!

Day 8
Being our first full day in Miami we wanted to get to the beach and relax. We also wanted to find a more secluded beach away from tourists…however, after a 2 hours journey of getting to the destination we then found ourselves lost for an hour. Eventually, we find the beach and it’s blowing a gale!

High in spirits we went for a walk along the beach then headed back for the long journey home.

Getting ready in hostel life is hard when you have so many weather conditions to prepare for but again we got everything out, prepared for the night then packed it up again securing everything with a lock!

Tonight’s destination is Wynwood. Most iconic for the artistic graffiti throughout the suburb. A lot of the bars over there have specials where ladies drink for free for multiple hours – we were lucky to get in on this at a place called Gramps.
Wynwood is also the place where we have eaten the best burgers so far at a new place next door to Woods Tavern.

Day 9
Back to Wynwood today but to discover the arrival and explore the journey on a bike! From South beach it took us about 40 minutes and in 30 degrees heat this was definitely a work out!

Along the way we discovered an adorable vintage store and found a couple of great finds! I bought this vintage gold coin necklace and an adorable red purse with a story. This purse belong to the last holocaust survivor to arrive to Florida.  With the initials of C.S embedded into the purse, Schultz had no children but a lot of money which left the purse in this particular store. Below you will see a photo of her which sits in the store.

Vintage pieces are my favourite to buy travelling as you are usually left wondering what the story is behind the item, however, this time I have the story which makes it even more precious!

Being an extremely hot day, an iced coffee was in order after we returned the bikes then some discovery time of the Wynwood walls.

Next stop was to check out South Point, the main beach. We decided to get an Uber. Not the standard Uber but an Uber pull – the best and cheapest way to get around Miami really!!! Something Australia should really think about implementing!
After a 15 minutes rest of the beach we were off to get ready for the night to see Scrillex. He was playing at a night club called Story and tickets were only $45 each, great! First drinks in there, we pay with a $50 and get a mere $10  change!!! Most definitely the most expensive place we have come across so far!

I wore a simple lace top and leather skirt which my hoops to suit the place and just danced the entire night and a portion of the morning away.

Day 10
Maybe not the wisest move going out before catching a flight but we were in reasonably good spirits 🙂

A quick hangover cure from our favourite, Maxines then straight to the airport.

En-route to  CANCUN, MEXICO.