Cancun, Mexico

Ola! (Getting straight into my spanish) 🙂

Touching down into Cancun in the early evening hours on Saturday the 2nd April for our 10th Day, we dropped out bags at our gorgeous resort, Krystal Spa and Resort and went to indulge in some Mexican food (which we had been thinking about for days!)

This would have to be one of my favourite foods, so I couldn’t wait to eat nothing but that for the next 7 days!

As we set off into the town (5 minute walk) to find some dinner I felt many things that resembles Bali. It definitely had that feel to it and by night time we felt exactly like we were at Kuta…and not necessarily in a good way. The children and side stalls were very pushy to purchase their products, the clubs were extremely loud and tourists everywhere.

We found a cute little spot to stay and have dinner which was just off the main drag. There is go to order my mojito as I do then an entire stein (1L) comes out!!! Well, welcome to Mexico!

Night One…very loud with no shelter from all of the night clubs below. The tower of the hotel we were staying in was just was too close to the main street with no double glazed windows or protection to mask the noise.

Day 11
After a little bit of a sleepless night we were still feel pretty great…how could you not with your room overlooking the sea!
We have been looking forward to this leg of our trip as it will almost be a solid 7 days of relaxing in between a couple of big nights! So relaxing on the beach with cocktails is what we did all day long 🙂

They have so many cheesy full on clubs we thought we should at least experience one of them so Coco Bongo it was.

Now unfortunately due to warnings…we didn’t take our phones or cameras which means no pictures! The entire show itself last for about 3 hours in between classic tunes from the late 90’s/early 2000’s. The show is tribute classics like Michael Jackson and Madonna to iconic movies just as Batman then to talented acrobats. Really it was quiet a performance but after this it’s a cheesy night club with woo-hoo people, balloon noodles and a kiss cam. Very entertaining. I always embrace moments like this and it’s always fun to just get amongst it regardless whether you love it, hate it, are embarrassed by it or think it’s lame!  It was $70USD for a ticket with an open bar the entire night. In the struggle of trying to get a drink, I was lucky enough to be spotted by a server where we got access to stand in the VIP area. This just meant we had a great view of everything.

This also meant we got to sleep that night as the clubs shut at 5am which is when we got through the door.

Day 12
After a solid 5 hours sleep we got ourselves together and headed downtown to visit Marketa 28. Time to get a few souvenirs!

Once I picked up a few little treasures we headed for lunch to a renowned Mexican restaurant, La Parilla. Yum, yum, YUM! That’s all I can say 🙂
Full of delicious Mexican, we slowly made our way back to the hotel for some more relaxing before heading out for a Mexican Seafood dinner at a place nearby called Mariners.

Food. Food. Food. But absolutely delicious food. Almost every meal would fail to disappoint!

Day 13
After an early night we set off of the ferry to a close island called Isla Mujeres.

A gorgeous little island where the best way to get around is by golf cart! Oh boy did we have fun!!! Some impeccable beaches with amazing views.
Beer in hand driving around for an hour we then found Punta Norte, rented two sun lounges and didn’t move for a good couple of hours. Of course my next choice was a Pina Colada with the tropical view staring me right in the face!
Returning home I become aware that my skin is a little sun-kissed…maybe a little too much but a quick R&R then we are back out there again.

Night market time in downtime at Parque Las Palapas. For only 17 Mexican Pesos we just ate not only the best meal of the trip but the best Mexican quesadilla we have EVER eaten! This was a recommended place from a local right on the corner in front of the church called Las Quesadillas. Ah-mazing!

On our way back from downtown we called in to get our braids done. Nothing tacky…I had one large braid in the front and 2 running down the back. Something we wanted to do from the get go and something that I knew would only last a day or two with my frizz and this humidity. But how could we not get it done?!

Day 14
After another early night for a big day, we board a 912am ADO bus from the bus station down town to explore two nearby towns, Tulum and Playa Del Carmen.

This was a 2.5 hour journey which again only cost 95 Mexican Pesos per person which is about $9.

Once you get to these small towns, you can get around in a shared shuttle taxi called a collectivo which only costs 20 pesos each!

The list for Tulum included the Mayan Ruins which you can see beautiful views of the coastline from the historic ruins. Also a few sightings of iguanas too which was a little scary. Every time we heard them we just thought it was a snake a jumped!

Next stop was Grand Cenote. This is like a huge crystal clear fresh water swimming pool in caves. Bliss. Even thought seeing some fish and turtles was a little exciting, I must admit it was a little nerve-racking swimming underneath sleeping and flying bats!!!


After a quick stop at 7-11 for some snacks we get another collectivo and travel to Playa Del Carmen.

What a pretty little town. Absolutely loved it. Just that bit quieter than Cancun, it was minus the heavy Bali feeling and instantly relaxing!

Of course the first stop is a bar we stumbled across where you sit at the bar on swings! I had to stop! Here at Pas Velas we also had lunch. Being on a coastal town I of course had to try the Caribbean Seafood Soup, very delicious and very light for the heat we were experiencing.
After wondering around this adorable place we parked ourself at a beach club where we could sit back on the lounge and again relax just gazing at this picture perfect view. By 9pm it was time to get back to Cancun.
TIP: After reading a few things it seemed like a collectivo was the way to go but after having our own experiences, it’s not something I would recommend! Taking the ADO bus service is definitely a safer way to get back on such a long journey 🙂

Day 15
Being our last full day to spend in Mexico, I was really starting to feel great about my Spanish. So many words coming back to me and it definitely helped us through our days here. Again something I highly recommend, even if it’s a few basic words.

Being fluent will help you even more, generally receive better service (somehow!)

But today was all about inclusive and exclusive. With our hotel we forked out $75 USD to eat and drink as much as we wanted all day long throughout the whole resort.

As you can imagine we were a little weary but very very full by the end of the day. But what a high note to end on and a glorious day for it too 🙂

Off for our last meal of Mexican and I decide to wear these stunning feather earrings by Mars De Favela which were gifted to me. You can find them from The Dress Collective along with many more incredible Australian Labels!

Dos feliz chicas, two happy girls! Two very full girls!!

This sun, the beach, the weather – just heaven. Certainly going to miss this as I know it will be very chilly by the time I get back to Melbourne.

Just over half way through now with 10 days to go! Adios Mexico. Time for LA!