New York, New York.

What a city – 6 days, 7 nights is just not enough. On that note I will mention that this post is quiet lengthy but full of inspiring stories and recommendations of my journey.

The home of brooklyn is where we stayed a gorgrous brownstone apartment filled with natural light and decorated impeccably.
Night One was of a typical American standard. After getting in late, we ventures to get some local Chinese. Much to our surprise we see an abundance of fresh produce and organic grocers (perfect for me!).

Day 1
Of course the most typical thing for us to do was to walk the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. It was stunning. Being an early start, the next was our coffee fix to Starbucks of course!


Being day one and a lot to see, we made the tourist move and bought tickets on the hop on hop off bus. Which really is the best way to get around but also quiet a long way! In the process of ticking boxes we visited Times Square and ate American burgers for lunch.


The second I landed in New York…I really expected the fashion to be glamorous and incredible but instead I found it quiet the opposite! The men have more style then the majority of women much to my dismay. With some women wearing just active wear even coming into the evening when it was 5 degrees! I found the outer suburbs to be a lot less windy than Manhatten itself.

Being a late dinner we dined in a small bar called Spuyten Duyvil in Williamsburg where we had wine and cheese and oh my was this cheese amazing. Probably one of the best I’ve ever had!

Day 2
Off to the ghetto, the Bronx! To be honest as we were in our way out there we were a little nervous and having not done much research on where to go we did get lost – but hey – all apart of the adventure I say!

Eventually we found a small Diner to eat at and really we had nothing to be worried about at all. Everyone was so nice, helpful and even complimentary. What a better place to then get our nails done. It’s seemed typical but a perfect fit for us!


Tonight was time to head to a house party in the Lower East Side. Again, what a gorgeous place with views of Manhatten! What a great start to the night. The american-lived Australians then took us to a local nightclub. On our entrance we see a bunch of sailors…their last night before heading out for a year, all dressed in their uniform and I must say oh wow. I was lucky enough to get a life home in a limo with a bottle of champagne. Great start to the trip in NYC.

Day 3
After a busy couple of days we decided to head to Sephora to stock up in make up (I was in heaven, obviously) then escaped back to our retreat for some down time.

In the night we ventured back to Williamsburg to do some more exploring. In relation to Melbourne, this is almost like the area of Brunswick. Cute little dark bars playing rock and jazz music…very cute!

Once we got back to Brooklyn (very late at night) we decided it was time to try the fried chicken place with let’s say one of the biggest menus I have seen! And oh my gosh was it delicious, not to mention ridiculously cheap!


Day 4

Today we got up early to head out to Queens and explore the area. Eventually we found this little cute little area called Sunnyside which was gorgeous.


After lunch we had a peak in a few of the vintage and thrift shops before heading back home.

Tonight was the night we got to experience an American Ice Hockey game at Madison Square Gardens and was it entertainment! So much happens in their sporting games compared to home! T-shirt giveaways, music, dancing and of course the crazy fans. They play the music to suit the game and are completely biased for their home team! In the end the New York Rangers lost to Pittsburgh.


Next stop, The Standard High Line Bar which showed beautiful skyline views of New York. It also had very expensive drinks with 2 champagnes costing over $30 AUD! But with a view like that it’s very understandable!

Day 5

Today I needed some replenishing and had a very inspiring day. I wanted to visit the Biggie Smalls memorial which as near by in Clinton Hill.


This area reminded me of Collingwood back in Melbourne with all the hipsters, cute cafes and tattoos.

I stopped for a Tea and a Toad Β (egg cooked in a brioche bun) then set off into Central Park in Manhattan.

Central park looked stunning in the frosty weather but shortly after I took myself for lunch at that Loeb Boathouse.

This is straight off Sex and the City πŸ™‚ and yes I may have been a little excited! I ordered the Seafood pasta and a Mimosa. Just delicious!


Once the evening hit I was off to the most iconic and romantic spot in New York, The Empire State Building.


And I’ll leave this with the saying that “A picture says a thousand words”

Day 6

Today is my last day to explore this beautiful place and what a big day I have planned!


First stop is Coney Island followed by a brief trip to Staten Island Β (another box ticked from Sex and the City)

Coney island was amazing. I can see how much fun it would be in summer with less wind and Luna Park open.


I walked the pier and the beach then grabbed one of the famous Nathan’s hotdogs with a Coke and sat on the boardwalk to take everything in πŸ™‚

In between the 2 trips I went to explore Soho and Little Italy. Again such a cute little spot full of vintage stores and little restaurants.

Next stop was to do some more makeup research and look at the Sigma brushes. I made another purchase and very much looking forward to using them on my clients! On that note, I will be doing a review on the products and brushes so stay tuned πŸ™‚

By this time is really was getting late so I had to quickly jump on the ferry to Staten Island and I am very glad I did. Even though I couldnt stay on the island long, the views of Brooklyn and Manhattan was gorgeous!


Tonight we went out for dinner at a place called The Smoked Joint. A New York Bbq place I had discovered in Clinton Hill. Definitely over ordered but me personally, I always love a variety to try!

Day 7

This makes the day that we leave this beautiful city. I am sad to leave and honestly wish I had another 2 weeks here but it’s just another excuse to come back, right πŸ˜‰


Next stop – MIAMI!