VAMFF 2015

Oh what a week!!!

Long days, many outfits, long-legged models and talented people can be very overwhelming but very rewarding at the same time!

Now I sit here half exhausted but extremely thrilled and overjoyed.

It all began 5 days ago when I mixed up my usual routine, hopped on the train and made my way to the city to start my first shift for VAMFF.



Walking in it was great to see some familiar faces who I have assisted previously. This VAMFF show was the opening event, David Jones supported by Vogue.

Kimberly Gardener was the stylist for the opening event and I was also assisting the head dresser, Ebony Still and oh my gosh – What a team!

Day one was jam packed full of dressing the Melbourne models with Thursday and Friday following with the elite models of Sydney which included the likes of Jessica Gomes, Montana Cox and Samantha Wills.


With all 237 outfits organized and 41 models complete with 5 to 7 looks each, the show was ready to begin!

On Saturday morning I arose with very minimal sleep (going crazy thinking abut fashion all night) quickly get my things are set off for Central Pier at Docklands.


Unfortunately, there is no where to be seen to grab my morning coffee but by 8am the Mill Bakery was open and I race there immediately – need some energy!!!

2015-03-14 08.20.15

From here it’s all go, go, go!


Four rehearsals down (and a few complications), the adrenaline kicks in and we are ready to start dressing the models in their first looks for the 7:30pm show.



I can feel my heart pounding in my chest, the music begins and the models walk out one by one. After 40 minutes it’s all over and we regroup for the next one 🙂



Fifteen hours later we are back where we left off grouping all the garments and bagging them up ready to be pushed out the following morning.

Now being Sunday morning I feel the sigh of relief with no major mishaps at the show and a proud feeling, holding my head high after such a great event and putting in my all.

An amazing feeling – hope you enjoyed by backstage participation in VAMFF 2015 🙂


Wearing H&M top $49.95, Sportsgirl grey denim Midi Skirt $89.95 and Zu Shoes