Melbourne Cup!!

Last Tuesday was definitely a perfect day for the Melbourne Cup!!

Everyone was in god spirits because of the weather and the fashion was impeccable. Although my feet started aching after the first couple of hours, it was easily forgotten about after a couple of small wins.

I had my fascinator custom made by a friend and her business @confettiheaddesigns on Instagram, feel free to check it out!! I had a small pop of colour in it, green, and so did many of my friends. Four out of seven girls were wearing green!


In the first hour or two it was hard to spot a fake tan disaster or some fashion gone terribly wrong, however, as the day went buy and people got a little more sloshy – everything started to change!

The one thing I noticed most with the women, is underwear, it’s almost like they never looked behind before leaving the house!! As being a fashion stylist, this is a very strong thing I like to say to my clients. There is nothing NOTHING worse than everyone being able to see what underwear you have on, it’s just not attractive!


I would also have to say that the men were looking devine, many navy suit which is very on trend at the moment. Some made their navy suit their own by adding various bow ties, suspenders and character. Charcoal suits were also a very big player this year around, and of course, your classic black!

As I mentioned, 4 out of 7 of us were wearing green. Lucky for me I only had a small splash of green on my head and thank goodness the others were different shades of green. Melbourne Cup is meant to be an elegant and classy day (even though it doesn’t end up that way) we all try to look our best.

Some opted for a chunky shoe, however, I think a little more dainty is the way to go, as long as it suits your figure! Some shoes with ankle straps can cut the legs off, so you must always be careful about that and look at yourself in a mirror as a whole. See below a picture of us all at the cup =)


My outfit was very much a budget buy, dress was $49.95, shoes were about $60 from Boohoo and my earrings were about $12 from Lovisa – all up I managed a races outfit all for under $200!

Sometimes the quality isn’t always the best, but sometimes it is and I can tell you the comfort was equally the same if not MORE than some of the bigger brands! =)

Until next time…. Byee xxx