Icons of Style 2013 – Chadstone the Fashion Capital

Whilst is was very exciting walking knowing that Olivia Palermo was going to be right next to me at some stage today it was also incredible to see so many stunning people.

Everyone, EVERYONE was impeccably dressed! Everyone from Australian & International Designers to bloggers and models were there!

My friend and I stood about 3 metres away from where Elizabeth Renkert was interviewing Olivia Palermo about her style and what she thought about Fashion in Australia, she said only amazing things!

Besides the interview, Olivia said one important thing, in my opinion, accessorizing is the best way to make your own style.

I agree, I like to have my own individual style and the way I do this is;

-to experiment with new pieces in season

-stay at home – mix and match them

-try something or a store you have never tried before

-step outside your comfort zone

-As you leave the house check the mirror – your outfit may not be complete, overdone or your bra straps may be showing!!!

It’s ok to take other people or celebrities style ideas (this is why they are style icons), however, MAKE IT YOUR OWN, in some way, it’s possible!!!

During the interview, Elizabeth talked about Style Icons from the 1950’s until now. Olivia Palermo was named to be the next Audrey Hepburn by Douglas Kirkland – one of the world’s most renowned fashion photographers!

Style Icons;

1950’s – Audrey Hepburn

1960’s – Jackie O (I also think Twiggy!)

1970’s – Bianca Jagger

1980’s – Olivia Newton John

1990’s – Kate Moss

2000’s – and now Olivia Palermo

After the interview, we were able to have photos with Olivia – AMAZING! Once having the Style Icon leaflet signed both Olivia commented on my outfit, yes – I was ecstatic!!!!!

Till next time, Byeee!